I am Georgiy Maruzhenko, an Engineering Physics student at the University of British Columbia. I am passionate in solving both technical and customer challenges in a methodical and data centric way. I plan to graduate in May 2022.

Please get in touch with me at gmaruzhenko@alumni.ubc.ca


Work Experience
Programming skills

Python, Javascript (React), C, C++, Java, Clojure, Ruby, Bash

Amazon Web Services (AWS) [EC2, Lambda, S3],  Linux [Ubuntu, Rasbian] ,  Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Jira, Trello, Docker, Machine Learning/Data Science [Keras, SciPi], ROS

Prototyping skills
STM32, Arduino, Laser Cutter, Water Jet, Machining and General Fabrication, Circuit Design and Soldering
Cisco Vancouver, BC
Full-Stack Software Co-op

May – August 2020

  • Designed and developed a React javascript application from scratch for internal error log monitoring
  • Embraced functional components and react hooks to produce easily comprehensible code that is easy to troubleshoot
  • Designed a UI based on user feedback
  • Updated a Clojure API backend with user requested features to enable powerful log search functionality in the React frontend
  • Certified to 3rd level Cisco course on cybersecurity and secure software development practices
  • deployed application to AWS through NGINX

Independent Consulting

Software Dev / Project Manager

September 2019 – January 2020

  • Built a specialized medical intake survey application with Python Flask.
  • Determined key product features though client consultation and communicated technical limitations of different potential solutions.
  • Managed the project scope and client expectations over the course of product development

Cisco Vancouver, BC

Full-Stack Software Co-op

January-May 2019

  • Designed and developed a resilient and backend API using Java and Clojure capable of securely serving essential client data for the Cisco Umbrella product.
  • Collaborated with my team during weekly SCRUM sprints on feature requests managed through a kabana style story board.
  • Engaged in peer programming, design discussions and code review to ensure new code produced is consistent, logical and highly readable.
  • Remotely debugged and troubleshot Linux AWS servers running images and containers.
VIBES Corp. Vancouver, BC
Service Engineer Co-op
May – Aug 2018
  • Utilized laser and vibrational analysis equipment to reduce mechanical failure through preventative maintenance in BC Cancer Agency’s mechanical rooms in order to keep air balance in check and give peace of mind to those that need it most
  • Diagnosed and created cost effective solutions under various technical constraints while keeping clients in the loop
  • Collaborated with electricians, welders, machinists, controls, crane, and HVAC specialists while tackling multidisciplinary contracts worth hundreds of thousand dollars during a building overhaul downtown Vancouver

Technical Projects


(C++/Python)  | Aug 2019 |

  • Built an autonomous robot required to navigate a competition course and precisely retrieve and deposit small objects with my team.
  • Created cohesion between electrical, mechanical and software specialized team members to ensure smooth component integration
  • Managed project scope and progress through daily standups and a Kaban board
  • Designed and constructed a noise isolated H-bridge circuit
  • Dialed in PID control on main drive system and utilized OpenCV to close loop navigation

> Source Code

 Clerc Technology Inc (Ruby/Javascript) 

| March 2019 |

  • Co-founded a tech startup focused on providing physical retailers with a mobile checkout platform that enables them to benefit from automation and digital payment processing
  • Designed and developed a Ruby web application running on Sinatra secured with OAuth 2.0 authentication and deployed with Google Cloud Platform
  • Conducted sales outreach, managed legal documentation and resolved customer issues

UBC Parking Competition (Python/Bash) 

| October 2019 |

  • Utilized ROS and Gazebo virtual environment to successfully train an autonomous licence plate reading robot capable of determining parking violations
  • Trained a convolution neural network (CNN) through Keras capable of basic licence plate parsing
  • Developed a ROS control node capable of course navigation from raw camera image input
  • Created a bash script used to generate large volumes of competition environment training data for an advanced licence plate detection and parsing algorithm.

Unblinded (C++) 

| November 2019 |

  • Designed a gear box capable of operating dorm room window blinds to serve as a natural light wake-up alarm 
  • Sourced components and manufactured a prototype using a stepper motor and an STM32 chip

> Full mechanical design documentation here



Physics Simulations (Python) | Jun 2019 |

  • Computed  and modeled thermal wave propagation in an aluminum rod
  • Extracted and graphed the efficiency of jet engines (Brayton Cycle)
  • Created a fruit fly larvae development simulation through an illustration of protein migration

> Github for Thermal Wave or Brayton Cycle

 Sir Scanalot (JAVA)  | Sept 2018 |

  • Designed classes, objects and methods in order to sort and group text files by author by analizing the writing styles of each piece.
  • Applied Jensen-Shannon Divergence to score similar word occurrence
  • Utilized Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to analyze sentiment of each text

Smart-Power (Arduino) | May 2017 |

  • Designed and prototyped an Arduino based electricity managing relay system with LCD display capable of running simultaneous timers and handling 120V AC with a collegue
  • Drafted circuit schematics in Fritzing to determine layout of components
  • Comprehensively coded functions in C using built-in Arduino libraries

> Github Link

Simon Says!  (C) | Sept. 2017 |

  • Modern take on the simple memory game popular in the 80s.
  • Initially created for an engineering software course using a specific libraries and hardware in C, but since ported to an Arduino Uno and some scrap electronics in my free time.

> Download

 Cesar Cypher (Java)   | Aug 2018 |

  • Developed a simple encryption/decryption program while researching chryptography
  • Utilized regex to filter unwanted segments before grouping and applying desired transformations

> Download

 Maze Runner (JAVA)  | Aug 2018 |

  • An interactive game written in java to navigate a secondary given class created by edx instructors called Maze.

> Download


BASC (Engineering Physics) – UBC Vancouver Sept. 2016 – Present |

  • Published a scientific paper in the Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Research (CJUR) in August 2017 about the behaviour of electrons in an electron accelerator with a team mate: Jia, F. F., & Maruzhenko, G. (2017). High Voltage Phenomena in Rarefied Air: A DIY Approach. Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Research, 2(2), 6-15.

> Article Link

  • Fluent in English, French, and Russian
  • NSERC eligible & Canadian Citizen

Innovation Onboard Finalist – Vancouver ⎪Mar. 2019 |

  • Pitched Motti, my team’s software solution app designed to minimize consumer grocery waste through image recognition technology to a panel of industry experts and investors


NWHacks – Vancouver ⎪Jan. 2019 |

  • Created a user-friendly program that will play music along with you, just as a partner would using Azure voice recognizion

> See it here


Sauder Summit Case Competition – UBC Vancouver Jan. 2018 |

  • Proposed a solution to a software company’s financial and growth problems, earning 3rd  place


Science Undergrad Society’s Case Competition – UBC Vancouver Jan. 2017 |

  • Developed a mathematical model to predict viral transmission, and proposed a modification to the existing vaccine based on these calculations


American Field Service Exchange France – Toulouse, France Sept. 2015 – Jul. 2016 |

  • Networked and connected with various community groups and other exchange students
  • Represented classmates on school council which involved making financial and administrative decisions


Discovery Passage Aquarium | Jun-Aug 2015 |

  • Held demonstrations for children and adults about the local aquatic life
  • Maintained 8 tanks during a 2 week period of supervisor’s absence
Hardware Projects
  • Engineered a DIY electron accelerator to measure and record striations occurring at low pressures and voltages over 15 kilovolts DC– (Mar 2017)
  • Built up a campus frankenstein-bike with various second hand components from the UBC Bike Kitchen – (Sept 2017 -Present)
  • Converted 1972 Ford truck to a diesel run engine – (May 2016)
  • Repaired numerous smartphones, tablets and laptops using self-taught electronic repair skills – (2014 -Present)
  • Successfully built an electrolysis cell used to launch bottle rockets to create models and predictions using calculus and Euler estimation – (Aug 2014)
  • Refurbished the interior stereo system of a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser– (Aug 2016)
  • Researched the internal workings of a Mazda 3 on a popular car parts database (ProDemand) to safely and correctly transplant a new engine – (Feb 2015)
  • Restored a 1980 Yamaha maxim, including full rebuild of a four-rack carburetor and the electrical harness – (Jul 2017)
  • Rerouted and replaced Radiator piping of a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser – (Jul 2017)